JUNE TAKEOVER: DUM DUM's Guest Editor, Projekt Katharine

JUNE TAKEOVER: DUM DUM’s Guest Editor, Projekt Katharine

Notice anything new on the homepage, Dummies? This month, DUM DUM Zine will be handing the reins over to guest editor Katharine Hargreaves: writer, designer, and social activist. You might recognize her name from the radical journal Whole Beast Rag...
Issue No. 4: LOST & BOUND

Issue No. 4: LOST & BOUND

For DUM DUM Zine's fourth issue, we collected an array of “lost” or discarded objects from free bins, lost and founds, and other public places in Los Angeles. We turned the objects themselves into submission prompts, and published 15 selected narratives into our first perfect bound book. Issue 4 features...
Issue No. 3: PUNKS & Scholars

Issue No. 3: PUNKS & Scholars

If you missed our big DUM release party or don't live in Los Angeles, you can still read, feel, touch, hear and taste the contents of Issue No. 3: PUNKS & Scholars. Just head over to our spankin' new DUM STORE. Or if you're local, we'll be selling copies...


Issue No. 2 is a literature and music album release called Lightness & Darkness, released in audio form on CD. The result is a sonic-literary experiment fusing both written and musical art forms, reshaping the way both mediums are experienced.
Issue No. 1: CITIES & STATES

Issue No. 1: CITIES & STATES

Issue No. 1 was released in Los Angeles in the Fall of 2011, printed on a 17x22 broadside on newsprint (back and front). DUM DUM's very first issue features postcard interviews, new media literature, hybrid fiction, and more!
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HAVE A DUM SUMMER: A Map of Summer Spaces

HAVE A DUM SUMMER: A Map of Summer Spaces

DUM DUM Zine and our summer guest editor Katharine Hargreaves have teamed up to bring you our DUM SUMMER Map, which celebrates pop-up, DIY, and creative allied spaces throughout Los Angeles. (Oh, and popsicles and bocce ball.) Have a DUM summer, and be sure to check out some of these summer-only activities at our...
"To Dogs" and "O' Nauseous Summer" by Trevor L. Sensor

“To Dogs” and “O’ Nauseous Summer” by Trevor L. Sensor

Trevor L. Sensor is a writer from Illinois. His first ebook, "Ex-Poems", was released by Peanut Gallery Press in 2014. His work has been featured on Atticus Review, HTMLGiant, Be About It, and Alt Lit Press. Read his ebook here.
"FRANK" by Taylor Yates

“FRANK” by Taylor Yates

Taylor Yates is an L.A. native obsessed with travelling and patterned socks. When she’s not writing and editing for DUM DUM, she’s biking around the reservoir and playing moody bass lines in her living room. She is currently working on an autobiographical anthology. Check out her work here.
Transitory L.A.: An Essay in Black and White by Katharine Hargreaves

Transitory L.A.: An Essay in Black and White by Katharine Hargreaves

This feature began with a simple premise: document white and black things in Los Angeles. I had no intention other than to see if a pattern emerged from working within these restrictions. I’ve had an ongoing love affair with the elements of the Los Angeles cityscape since I moved here: the lines and grid, concrete...
"SHIFTING KICKS" by Naville Obeso

“SHIFTING KICKS” by Naville Obeso

The shoes you wear know everything about you. When you’re stealing, lying, or scared; when you’re happy, in a hurry, anxious; they carry you in all you do, and your secrets, too.
"Open House" by Steve Vermilion

“Open House” by Steve Vermilion

Steve Vermillion is a writer living in Northern California. His recent work appears in The NewerYork, The Morning News, Bicycle Review, Round Up Zine, Diverse Voices Quarterly and Black Heart Magazine.
Listen to L.A.: A Walking Playlist

Listen to L.A.: A Walking Playlist

Katharine Hargreaves here, your June Guest Editor, bringing you an interactive city playlist meant to evoke experiences of our fair Los Angeles. I was inspired by Yoko Ono's "Instructions"  and you'll notice that each song is accompanied by a location and instructions for listening. Hopefully by exploring the familiar you'll find something new.
Support ECHO CHAMBER, DUM DUM's new August Headquarters!

Support ECHO CHAMBER, DUM DUM’s new August Headquarters!

DUM DUM Zine is excited to announce that we'll be artists-in-residence for the month of August at ECHO CHAMBER, an amazing creative pop-up space coming to Echo Park for three months this summer!
"The Infidelity" by Jeffrey Zable

“The Infidelity” by Jeffrey Zable

Jeffrey Zable was publishing poetry and prose in magazines and anthologies while you were still in diapers and throwing pabulum onto the floor. He's published five chapbooks including "Zable's Fables" with an introduction by the late great Beat poet Harold Norse. Check out more of his work here.
DUM DUM Guest Editor: Projekt Katharine  Takes Over

DUM DUM Guest Editor: Projekt Katharine Takes Over

Sup Dum babes + welcome to June. I’ve been thinking about what knowledge I’m here to share with you as I take over the DUM airwaves. To engage you with a screen between us when I’m here to preach the opposite is—yes—ridiculous. In fact, it is the antithesis of what I am working towards. Writing...
DUM DUM Serials: "Little Armenian Prowler" (Pt. 3) by Justin Maurer

DUM DUM Serials: “Little Armenian Prowler” (Pt. 3) by Justin Maurer

DUM DUM Zine would like to welcome back Justin Maurer for the final installment of "Little Armenian Prowler" (read Pt. 1 and Pt. 2!), which we've serialized in 3 parts in the month of May. You may remember work from our past serials featuring Jessica Garrison's One Dollar Stories, and more recently, Kristen Felicetti's radio...
DIILAETD--Tributes to Aram Saroyan, by Daniel Austin Warren

DIILAETD–Tributes to Aram Saroyan, by Daniel Austin Warren

This series of tributes come to you in advance of Aram Saroyan's "Complete Minimal Poems" reading at Alias Books this Sunday, May 25.